DoTerra Essential Oils

I have been using doTERRA oils on my family and myself for some time now and they have become an important part of our everyday health regime. They are so easy to use and so effective whether it is for a sore throat, a skin rash or an insect repellent I use them for everything! After seeing their effectiveness with my family in so many areas I also started to use them during my birth work. doTERRA oils are 100% Pure Certified Therapeutic Grade.

There are many uses for doTERRA oils during Pregnancy Birth & Post Partum. These suggestions were mostly found in Pregnancy, Birth & Babies by Stephanie Fritz LM. It is recommended that for children and pregnant women oils be diluted before use. These are high-grade oils, not just shop bought oils and are just suggestions not meant to treat or cure.


Breast tenderness: ClaryCalm (blend) is a great hormone balancer. 
Constipation: DigestZen (blend), lemon, peppermint, or fennel
. Headaches or dizziness: PastTense (blend), Serenity, Deep Blue, lavender, or peppermint. 
Heartburn: DigestZen (blend), peppermint, ginger
. Morning sickness: mix lavender, sandalwood, and ginger into fractionated coconut oil and massage into abdomen
. Sleep: Serenity (blend), or lavender on the bottoms of your feet

Avoiding stretch marks: 4 drops each Helichrysum, Lavender, Frankincense in an ounce of organic coconut oil


Clary Sage assists with effective surges, calms the nervous system, relieves tension, can aid in bringing on labor, and helps with expelling the placenta. Can be blended with geranium, and lavender. Most often used on inside of ankles
. Geranium enhances circulation and is good for labor management techniques, which focus on breathing and discomfort relief. 
Peppermint can help reduce anxiety and hypertension when inhaled, has also been touted to help encourage posterior babies to flip with a couple drops are rubbed on moms lower back, or to encourage breech babies to go head down when rubbed in rainbow shape across top of mom’s belly.
 Serenity is a calming blend designed to reduce stress by calming the nervous system, creating a sense of well being.
 Balance is the perfect blend to balance and ground you. It can help relax you and increase a sense of courage. Helichrysum is an excellent lubricant oil for perineum support during pushing. It helps to stretch tissue while minimizing pain and swelling, and avoiding tears. Can be used during perineal massage before labor begins.


Perineal Healing: Add 10 drops Lavender and 10 drops Frankincense to a bowl of alcohol free Witch Hazel. Soak feminine pads in this solution then freeze for soothing, healing, and inflammation

Frankincense can be used on the baby in the first few minutes after birth to help the baby feel at peace. 
Balance gives a baby (and you!) a grounding effect

Colic or tummy aches:  DigestZen
. Ear infections: melaleuca and basil around the ear
. Teething: use a drop of white fir directly to gums

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