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Childbirth Photography Serving London, Sussex, and Kent - Dad Support Mom Through Labor
Professional Labor and Delivery Photography - Mom Post Partum With Baby and Placenta
Photography and storytelling through images is a passion I want to share with you during your pregnancy, birth, and beyond. I like to stand back and capture those little ‘imperfections’ of life because to me those are the most important and beautiful moments. Yes, I can edit out that chocolate mustache on your daughter or that pile of clothes in the corner of your room but I don’t want to; those parts of every day life are what we love to remember when looking back.

Having your birth story documented with photography is something to treasure for years to come. I believe birth is one of the most powerful and life changing events of your life and should be supported and remembered.

As a mother of three children and an experienced doula, I have come to see how important capturing the beauty and realness of birth and the first few seconds of life can be. Women often look back at their images and re-live those moments and memories that changed them forever. Every type of birth is worth documenting, whether it is a home birth with midwives or a planned cesarean section in hospital with obstetricians.

Birth photography is a slowly growing movement in the U.K. I have been working for two and a half years now around London, Kent, and Sussex as a professional birth photographer. I have experienced many beautiful births including hospital, birth center, and home births and I have made many special connections with families.

I love to meet couples and spend time talking with them in detail about the plans for their birth, getting to know them and what is important to them as individuals. Every story is different and I like to capture the little details that make each family who they are.

When I attend a birth, I am extremely respectful of the birth space and quietly work around my couples so as not to disturb them or the professionals they have supporting them. I have great relationships with midwives and obstetricians because I am a birth worker and have experience working within these settings.


London, Sussex, and Kent Birth Photography