Birth is one of the most beautiful, life affirming, and transformative life experiences.

As a UK documentary and lifestyle birth photographer, I serve families across Kent, London, and Sussex by providing them with beautiful and tangible memories of their monumental day. I capture birth stories in homes, in birth centers, and in hospitals. Each is powerful, captivating, and worth remembering. I bring my experience as a doula to each birth I attend, as well as my expertise in documentary photography. My aim is to artfully capture your baby’s birth day while still preserving the sacredness of your birth space. 

I also offer Maternity, Milk Bath, Breastfeeding, and New Beginnings sessions. My passion is to document the monumental transition that occurs during the season of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. I can’t wait to capture yours.


“Photography takes an instant out of time,
altering life by holding it still”
Dorothea Lange